Diary – Wednesday

This is just a straight entry – no fancy stuff here – just something to keep the whole thing ticking over – just jotting – but I’m not going to put it in the ‘Jottings’ slot – I think I have one – this blog may just (everything is ‘just’ here) turn into a diary blog with the occasional story, or part of story, if I wanted a change – if I wanted to – I – I – I –

I know how it gets.

I don’t know what it is about this time of year – people disappear – I said this before – it seems as though everyone gets busy.

I just (again) note that – for myself – to keep the paranoia at bay – no, the last thing I have, in fact, is paranoia –

Does anyone else hate the stats?

Do you know, WordPress is never going to talk to me – I talk about it so much.

The stats get in the way – but you need to take a look because someone may have said something, or visited (in between being so much somewhere else).

Oh – March.  I generally hate March.

There are some important dates in March for me – not everyone hates March – I don’t expect them to – and I hope to come through for them – but – all those light nights coming in.

I prefer the winter – in many ways – get cosy, inside – not much to do except write – yea!

I know lots of writers who need to write – who are not happy unless they write.

I’m one of them.

And so I –

Leave it.

2 thoughts on “Diary – Wednesday

  1. Laughing here.
    Don’t you think hate is rather a strong word for something as nebulous as a collection of days loosely linked to the orbit of the moon?
    Thanks for visiting Sound Bite Fiction, your blog is fun.


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