Diary – Wednesday

So much has gone by today.  I must say something or I am in danger of leaving myself behind altogether.

I woke this morning with – stuff – going through my head.

I realised later that it would have been –

Cut to the chase.

One thing I need to learn to do – listen to myself.

I’m saying it all, but not hearing, sometimes.

I’m much better at listening to myself than I used to be – but – it may have been helpful (to myself) to have written down immediately what was in my mind first thing this morning – and that kept on running through it – there was something else I was doing – a routine-thing – I didn’t want to lose that routine – a self-help thing – but I need to be more flexible than that.

There it all was – in my mind this morning, and I should have (I’ve been trying to avoid saying thatlose those imperatives) but – it would have been a good thing (lose the moral code) – a helpful thing if I’d written that this morning, and picked up the routine-thing later on.

Oh no – I don’t have to be as this rush in the wind, do I?

Bending here, or there.


But I need a flexibility that is my own, and nothing to do with that rush’s demands.

I’m in March.

I missed what I could have said this morning – and there was a concurrent thought – ‘blog, blog, blog’ – in my mind with it – it was for the blog – I’ve lost that –

But I write this instead.


Calm down.

One door closes and another opens.

One opportunity missed and another comes along.

Skipping around that net, you see – those nodal points – those points that are hardly points at all – posts of contact in one way or another, even if vacant when passed through at a certain time – there to be passed through again, or something similar – or dissimilar.

Nothing missed, after all.

Something else found.

2 thoughts on “Diary – Wednesday

  1. Wow. I really love this Joan. Of course, we each have differences, how we handle these habits or (dis)ability to blow in the breeze but in the end your words, personal and what makes you, you, touch(ed) a piece of me. I came across a blog where he writes a note each day, simple, but a few words, but such an impact on my day. I really like this and want to do as well but don’t want to take the bows off the tree. I really look forward to opening your blog and reading. 🌞💛


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