Diary – Saturday

Lying there trying to catch my breath while my heart thumps.

And thumps.

Something I read must have got to me.

I can be affected.

Got some survival techniques.

Know I will survive – that is all part of the game.

I’m dropping the ‘of course’ from this.  You can get tired of always having to give disclaimers, you know – ‘of course, I say this, but there is of course…’

Ah!  Now – there’s an idea –

There are areas I can’t talk about here, in the blog –

(As there are areas I can’t talk about in the paper diary.)

It is not true that you can say anything.

Here is the disclaimer to that – you can’t say anything unless you want repercussions upon your head – there are consequences.

There are always consequences.

But – I can give up on some of the disclaimers in this blog, in any case, because certain ones (that keep on recurring) tend to revolve around things I can’t say here anyway.

Writing wooden today.

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