Diary – Sunday

We don’t always know – what is this ‘we’ – I gave that up long ago – I can’t actually speak for anyone else –

I don’t know – frequently – I frequently don’t know what it is about some people –

You basically like someone – you don’t know why –

But other people – they just take.  They take what belongs to you.

Yes – sure – this is the way of the world – I’m just trying to find out where I am – some free writing without much thought – without corrections – oh, I’m back here again –

Of course I can correct my own writing – it is mine.

And corrections come into it, willy-nilly –

What I mean to say is that it’s automatic isn’t it?  Crossing out as you scratch against the page.

You don’t even think about it.  If you have written for any length of time, it becomes automatic –

I’m getting repetitious, maybe, here – isn’t that twice I’ve used that word?

I’m not looking back at this point.

There is a place for putting in your crossings-out in strikethrough on the computer – no need even to analyse that – if you feel that way, then that is the way you feel.

There is only so much I can say here now.

But – behaviour you don’t like in one person is okay in another.

I think it comes down to motive.

You can’t exactly know what is in someone’s mind, but you can suspect and, as you get to know someone better, you make a mental map of what you have known of that person in the past, and so you accrue some idea.

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