Spring-cleaning – yes, I’m early…

Gosh – blogging is a cut-throat business, isn’t it?  Followers here, followers gone.

Who I’m following – maybe I should keep it to myself!

WordPress – I distinctly remember reading from them – yoo hoo! WordPress – I know we – kind of – occupy a similar space – but I do remember having read – in their ‘Support’ – that following and unfollowing – no guilt attached to it.

But – (mainly, anyway) – once I follow, I don’t like to unfollow (oh, I have unfollowed a few – when I was starting off and thought that what WordPress said must be correct procedure) – but – I feel bad about it.

I left a ‘thanks for the follow!’ comment on someone’s blog – I saw that people did, and thought it might be the done thing – but that person has unfollowed me now, and my ‘thanks for the follow!’ in her ‘About’ box – it’s still there.

Never mind.  I’ve unfollowed, but I’ve kept her in my Google bookmarks – I’ll check in every now and again.

8 thoughts on “Spring-cleaning – yes, I’m early…

  1. Joan, your title surprising and funny. 😄 I do notice I, on occasion, accidentally unfollow, the buttons on my phone are very touchy. This doesn’t happen on the computer. It also bothered me if I lost a few. I admit it hurt. They probably didn’t like the content, so I move-on, begrudgingly. I’ve done the same, unfollow a few, mainly because I’d rather not read erotica. Oh, I get that “works” and “sells” but, well I am here as an amateur, want to better my craft, and that is the last thing I want to write. It took a long time for others to find me. Sometimes changing tags helps, if you want more followers. One thing I know, it hurts most when you develop what you felt a strong relationship. Peace, J 🌻

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  2. Thanks, Jeanne. As always (I think this will just go on for me), I’m working out what this blogging business is about – what I can do in it – most importantly, what I can say publicly, and what not. Thinking seriously about it, though – I’m not sure this following and unfollowing thing works. I was on Facebook for a week – or maybe two – mainly because a relative turned up – a young woman who had been living in another country with her mother and mother’s family while she was growing up – and she was on Facebook. It was a way to keep in touch. But I couldn’t stand it. I felt I was being watched all the time – and the number of notifications were onerous – I know – big word, but it seems to say it. And they were all (because I’d only just got started on Facebook) – ‘you might know [so and so] because you know [so and so]’ – that is, the relative who had been living abroad for so long that the last time I’d seen this young woman – she had been a toddler. Of course I didn’t know these people – they even spoke a different language!
    I’m not sure what I’m saying all this for – except I question (as many people do) what social media is all about – and I think this follow and unfollow thing probably came from Facebook.
    The net effect for me, from this person I’d followed, was to unfollow – I’d liked her blog, and I’d commented quite a few times. But I felt that I was not there to make up her numbers. I’m not sure this follow and unfollow business is working.
    Having said that – I do follow a few blogs from which I am not followed – simply because I rate what those people put there – I get what I get from those blogs, regardless, and I don’t need a ‘tit for tat’ approach with people. But, I don’t like the idea of being used in order to make figures look good – which is what I sometimes suspect happens.
    And I haven’t lost that person – I have her in my bookmarks – and if she says something I feel I would like to comment upon, I’ll do it.

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    1. Understood. Fights and fakery Facebook. ;( I have been on WordPress so long I would miss it like a friend. Silly I suppose. I spend so much time writing, doing homework, so it is a part of me like my cell phone. Somedays I want to throw it out… Still here.


      1. I wouldn’t worry over being on WordPress for so long that it is like a friend – you do get used to your environment, and the internet, and all that – it is now environment – I followed writers’ blogs for quite a long time before I got a blog of my own – but I’m here now.

        What I’m thinking of, though – being a writer – I spend most of my time writing, in one way or another – people get concerned about my ‘closed’ sort of life – but I’m fine – I’m an introvert, not an extrovert. I like to get out to places sometimes, but my writing takes precedence over that. (I do go out somewhere each day, otherwise you really do get closed in – or I do.)

        But this is something people so often seem not to get – I am a writer. That is what I do. Getting published – that is actually secondary – the most important thing for me is to write, and be able to.
        Homework and stuff – been there. Yes – I’m quite intellectual in my own way. ‘Intellectual’ in Britain (where I’ m from) can be quite a dirty word. Tough. I am.

        But all this – I’ve had to work through it.

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    1. Hmm – I think it’s a shame that you need to get ‘chill’ about it, in a way. But – I was advised by someone more in the know than I am, not to hesitate blocking people if necessary – ‘This is the internet, after all,’ he said.

      And I understand that – now I do, having found the ‘block’ facility – and having been worried on a few occasions – I do want to be able to survive – and survive as I actually am.

      It’s a whole new game. You need to learn the rules. You need to know where the rules matter – and where you can live outside of them, and that is still okay – you won’t be dragged off to prison for infringing something or other.

      I’ve been interested for a long time in systems, and cultures (which are kinds of systems).

      This is in a humanities sort of way.

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      1. Well, the chill part comes in realizing that I don’t have to be devastated when someone unfollows me. People unfollow for all sorts of reasons–maybe my blog isn’t their thing. Maybe they can only keep up with so many blogs, and mine didn’t make the short list. Maybe they’re just tired of the email notifications.

        I’m learning to be fine with all of that. (Gradually, lol. It’s a process.)

        Meanwhile, yeah. Blocking is a good thing, at least when it comes to haters and trolls and such. No need to subject yourself to that!


  3. I most likely will write a post about this at some time – writing to suit a market, or writing to suit yourself, or writing as a therapeutic practice – it comes down to what you want from it, and how far you are willing to go to achieve whatever it is you want. And, sometimes, no matter what you do, you don’t achieve what you wanted. And then you need to see what you have. But – blogging – that is a system like any other – and you can go along with every nuance of it, or you can make the decision not to join in parts of it that feel as though they are destroying you as a writer.

    No need to subject yourself to anything you don’t like – not once you recognise it. But you need to know what you are giving up in doing so, and where that leaves you.


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