I haven’t said anything about Trump.

I don’t like the man.

The way he is going about things is not the way to get things done, though it may look as though he is doing things.

He succeeds in getting people’s backs up – and that is no way to begin negotiations.

He doesn’t work by negotiation?

I don’t like the man.

He has a way of silencing people – I cannot go along with silencing.

4 thoughts on “Trump

  1. I gotta say, there are few politicians I like. I like the people who work behind the scenes, who get dirty doing the nitty-gritty. We all can change what is wrong but I struggle with what others view as wrong. Hmmm… I generally criticize the system, and no people in particular, but I do find some people grate on my soul. So I will keep anonymous in my opinion. Thanks for sharing Joan! Glad to read your writing this morning… j 🙂


    1. Thanks Jeanne. It has taken me some time to put together the words that I finally have. I think it was precisely when I realised that this man – as I have seen him over the media – was actually silencing me – I didn’t know what to say, and I must be in a position where I can say whatever it is that I can.

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