On Being Different After the Festivities

Gosh – that sounds a bit old-fashioned, doesn’t it, that title?

Never mind – I’m there in my past as well as here in my now – and, of course, I project into my future.

But – I wasn’t going to say that – it was upon fixing a title that I thought of that – titles are usually afterthoughts for me – once I’ve seen what I’ve written.

What I was going to say:

Picking up pieces after Christmas and New Year – beginning again, but finding myself in a different place – and remembering that this always happens to me, no matter what I do (or don’t).

I don’t know how it happens – I don’t expect to be like an almost new person just after the space of a few weeks – but that time is spent doing things that are not part of the ordinary – there are dinners that people make and invite you to, and the odd party here and there – and there are new things – and a thinking anew, a wondering anew.

And this happens every year – I do think that I shall pick up where I left off – but then, these pieces – what were they now?  Are these mine, or someone else’s?

3 thoughts on “On Being Different After the Festivities

  1. interesting thoughts…i find myself needing to project someone into the future, a someone who i can identify with and pursue her. That her is me. 🙂 Look forward to reading your blog this year. j


  2. Thanks, Jeanne – idea of projecting into the future – yourself – I’m almost sure it’s Heidegger – probably Being and Time, which I read once (another course – which had philosophy as part of it) – Heidegger has a difficult (for most people) biography – but his philosophy interesting. Not easy reading, but makes you think. You do look forward all the time, as well as into your past – but you tend to forget that you (everyone) does. And it’s difficult always being absolutely in your present! The mind boggles!


  3. Not an easy read, Heidegger, Jeanne – I read it over one summer – when I say ‘read’ I mean – I clapped my eyes over most of the words – you can’t understand ideas like this at one sitting. But I see that you read a Bruno Bettelheim – not easy, either. I’ve read bits of Bettelheim – not all the way through – couldn’t. Interesting to know that people such as these existed – and ideas such as these. I read Ulysses too – but that really was just a clapping of the eyes over the words!


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