Cloris – an Alfred and Suzie Story

[22/05/2012][14/07/2015 edit][13/12/2016 edit]

“My father used to always take me with him whenever he went on his long walks up the Tor!”

Cloris’s laughter was liquid – attractive.  Suzie had been noticing that about her – she had been trying to work out what it was about Cloris.

“He’d carry me all the way there and all the way back on his shoulder!  I was too little to walk all the way!”

Her voice boomed, and – that tinkling laugh again, as though she found the whole world amusing.

Cloris was stationed in the chair beside the door, the chair that Suzie’s mother always sat in.  She had not taken off her hat.

Suzie’s mother was perched on the edge of a stool that she’d pulled out for herself.

Suzie was tucked away in the corner.

“Maureen stayed at home…”

She paused, and her large face assumed an ingenuous look before she suddenly smiled again, swept on, “He said, often enough, that he’d rather have some company!”  Titter.

Her tea, with the extra milk she’d requested, stood getting cold in her cup.

She hadn’t touched Suzie’s mother’s cakes that were on a plate in the middle of the table.

Suzie could see her mother eyeing them questioningly, but then being caught up again by Cloris’s story.

“He’d stop at the shop on the way back, and buy me something before we went home!”  Tee-hee.

“And Maureen?” Suzie’s mother ventured.

Cloris’s lips pursed.  “She spent most of her time sitting under the table.”

Suzie could see that her mother didn’t dare ask.

“Or if not that, upstairs on the bed, eating sweets…”


Eventually, Cloris left, gliding through the door, her hat still in place.  Cloris was a large woman, and moved with care.

Alfred went with her to take her home.



3 thoughts on “Cloris – an Alfred and Suzie Story

  1. Thanks EmmaJun – That’s a story that I have edited a few times – I know that it seems simple – I edited it the last time, immediately thought of a blog post I could write to go with it – I’ll try to get that done within a few days. ‘Cloris’ is based on someone I used to know – and it was always difficult figuring her out. I guess I’m still trying to!


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