The case of the dead author

Okay—I have trashed blogging.

I have deleted typing.

I have thrown away writing.

And usually regretted it, though I have often felt it was necessary (you know—when you think you might be hurting someone through it)—this is, if the writing ever did come to light.

And then, of course, there is the case of the dead author.

Once I’ve popped my clogs, kicked the bucket, bit the dust, given up the ghost— you know how it goes…

And no one can any longer ask you—and you can no longer say—you didn’t mean it!

(Well—maybe just a little bit…)


I tried to bring back the trashed blogging—I thought I’d be able to write a post with it—I thought I’d be able to say—this was what I thought was no good, dear reader!

No—I did do ‘Blogging Fundamentals’ and some of those posts—literally just answering those questions they start you off with—

And they did start me off—

Oh, and by the way, before I forget—I had one of those chats with a WordPress Happiness Engineer (those chats that are texting, really)—and it was helpful!  When you edit like crazy—remove excess commas, say—minor stuff—not every little edit goes into your readers’…goes to your readers’…comes into the sphere of your readers’ attention.

It’s altered, okay—it goes up there—and if anyone went back to look at it, they’d see the edited version all right—but it isn’t counted as a new post.

I must say, knowing that makes me feel freer.

No.  I still don’t know all the ins and outs of what you can write and why, what you can’t write and why.  I’ve been studying that question for years.

But you don’t want to hurt people—this is one of the most basic reasons you can’t write whatever you like.  (I like Knausgaard—he seems to write what he likes, but I am not Knausgaard, and I think that his writing is in no way as it appears.)


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