Throw-away blogging

It seems to me that blogging is rather throw-away.

It seems that you can’t go back, actually, and alter much.

Do updates of posts (say you’ve found surplus commas in an old post and have taken them out and then updated) go into the slot (inbox; WordPress Reader—whatever) of your followers?

It seems to me that it would be very annoying having every update from someone presented to you as a ‘new’ post.

If you look in WordPress Support, you get standard answers to standard questions.

I’m not a standard person.

This blog—it seems to be turning into a blog about my own personal uptake on blogging.  That’s okay for me, but what about readers?

It takes an effort of will to not worry about lack of comments, lack of followers.

WordPress Support gives suggestions on how to find readers who will comment.

And it is good, basic, and general advice.

But I’m not necessarily doing that general thing—or I try out that advice, but only so far.

At the moment, I’m too curious about my own experience here without feeling that I need to worry much about audience.

I don’t know—I can’t push things.


Ah.  I know where I am.

But a reader may not.

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