I do as I can

I’ve spent much time this week, so far, playing around with the blog, trying new themes, finding out how I can alter the one I’ve got—no blog theme would suit me absolutely, and I do as I can, write within this format that is new to me.

am interested.

I’ve wanted a blog for some time—and part of having this blog is to work out what I want it for.

I’m not ready to put extras on this blog—widgets—I can see how to do widgets, within the limitations of my theme, but which do I want, and what will it mean to me if I have them?

The most important thing for me is the writing itself.

For me, writing permits what it will.  It does not always let me say what I thought I might say.

Yes—I know—it is my hand here that is at the end of this pen, my brain that is…

And that’s just it.

My mind.

I have a subconscious mind as well, and that stops me, or allows me.

And I’ve found that is the best way to be for me.

At least in this blog I don’t feel as though I have to explain every little thing.

I can let things go—I’m not writing an academic essay now.


I’m already removed from what I’ve written—by the time you read this—my fair hand will have typed, pen put aside.


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