About what I wrote yesterday

Yesterday, I said I couldn’t edit what I had written, and that what I was giving there was what I wrote straight off.

That wasn’t entirely accurate, and it has bothered me today—to the extent of stopping me from concentrating on any other writing projects that I am currently working on.

I do edit, and I edit all the time.  Each ‘draft’ (you could see it that way) is edited—I edit as I go along.

What I wrote yesterday—what constituted ‘the story’—I’d handwritten it.  I like to handwrite, pen and paper.

Then, I tried to handwrite it from the handwriting—I didn’t like that idea of ‘marriage’ coming into the story, and I wanted to change it.

What I meant when I said that the writing ‘wouldn’t be edited’—I couldn’t cross that out—the ‘marriage’ part—or change it to something else—like plain ‘alliance’, which was a word I had also used.

No.  The story seemed to lose, somehow, without that reference of the alliance being a marriage.

It was that I couldn’t ‘edit out’.

ButI had written the word ‘today’ in that story two or three times and, in typing the handwriting into the blog, I edited out such ‘excessives’ without much thought.

If I saw a spelling mistake, I’d correct it.  If I was going through something typed and saw a typo, I’d correct it.

These are everyday jobs for me.  I do this sort of thing without thinking about it much.

But—in the story that I put in the blog yesterday, that idea of ‘marriage’ somehow persisted.

At one time, I read much historical fiction—and female protagonists in historical fiction frequently had problems with marriage.  Women were expected to marry.  It was a common conflict that I came across in my reading—women characters trying to make sense for themselves of this thing they were expected to do—marry.  (And they often had ‘miniatures’—small paintings—of their suitors, as ‘props’.)

I thought I may have some influences coming in from this reading of historical fiction—and I may have done—especially considering the ‘white bonnet’, which seemed an odd accessory, given what else the character was going to wear.

Well—maybe that did happen.






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