I hope I can now start rocking and rolling—I may have fixed my blog problem—a Google Chrome issue rather than a WordPress issue

However, don’t hold your breath.

So far, this seems to be working fine.

But I’ve been messing about with it for a few days, and I’m not really technically-minded.

Learn as I go along—there—that is something else you’ve found out about me—I am an optimist.

What do I do now?

Let the WordPress helpers know?  Or wait first to see if this is a solution?

I’ve followed some Google Chrome steps, but I don’t understand what I’ve done.

I’ve gone Incognito.

Suits me fine.

But, once I come out of this, will I find the page in Chrome again that I was up to?

Do I breathe a huge sigh of relief, and always be Incognito?

This doesn’t mean, of course, that readers wouldn’t be able to see me—because I am in disguise.

I’m there, all right—I checked that—the blog is on the Net.

Okay—I’m Incognito to Chrome browser—I understand that bit.

But—Incognito to myself?

That appeals.

I can be whoever I want to be!



I said, yesterday, that the blog has to ‘come easy’.

I know.  I wrote it, I posted it, my mind went blank, I realised it was weird…

I tried to change it.

I thought about deleting it.

But I know, now, what I have in mind when I say that—in the past, when I have written—fiction, essays—I struggle, and struggle—work.

And then—it just finally falls into place—that is what I mean by ‘it has to come easy…’

But I know that, without the struggle, that process of editing and trying out, it couldn’t have come easy at all.